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To the Sun: Greg LeMond

By Jeremy Dunn • 11th February 2014 • Posted in Misc

Interview: Jeremy Dunn | Portrait: Matt Hall

As the Rapha Cycle Club New York City opens its exhibition of selected memorabilia of three-time Tour de France winner, Greg LeMond, we feature an exclusive interview with one of the sport's most pioneering characters. Here Greg talks about bike design, training, racing the cobbled Classics, innovation and survival.

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To the Sun: Lino DiSalvo

By Chris DiStefano • 10th February 2014 • Posted in Misc

Saturday November 9th and I'm just a few miles into participating in my first Rapha Gentlemen's Race. Our group converges with two riders out for a morning ride. Both are lean and kitted in fine style. Both ride very nice bicycles. I sense a potentially dangerous situation. These two local hotshots will know about the day's RGR and they will be on a mission to take down the flyboys from Rapha. They'll feel us pull wheel to wheel and turn it up a notch. Our guys will return the serve and we'll soon be strung out in a tight line and flying. All the while I'll be burning the precious few matches I've been able to train into my legs for this big day… But almost immediately I come to realize I have nothing to fear as our two groups find a steady, similar pace. We ride two-up on a straight road for a good stretch and to my right for those few moments is Lino DiSalvo.

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To the Sun: Allen Lim

By Jeremy Dunn • 6th February 2014 • Posted in Misc

Illustration by Matt Hall | matthallartpdx.com

In the first of our series of interviews speaking with inspiring and positive characters, we spoke to Allen Lim. The Skratch Labs founder is a coach, a mentor, a chef, a doctor (he literally saved my life once) — and a nutrition guru. But, how does one run all these things without going crazy and maintain a positive outlook? Easy, focus on the people.

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To the Sun

By Jeremy Dunn • 5th February 2014 • Posted in Events

It’s getting to that time of year. The growing light lingers like a promise in the air, as each night becomes just a few minutes shorter. Here, in the Pacific Northwest, we get these spotted days, of sunlight mixed with rain, then gradually completely dry commutes or training rides. Everyone starts their longing sooner or later. Longing for the days when the shorts are short and unencumbered by leg warmers and long tights. When the skin is tanned, toned and ready to race.

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  • RT @cyclingtips: Great pics + words from Jered & Ashley Gruber about a race that deserves more attention: Tro-Bro Léon: http://t.co/z23NC8prapha_europe 24th April 7:22am
  • RT @rapha_uk: The H-van is fixed and to support @Strava competitors for @TempestFest we'll be on top of Brickworks, Peak District this Sund… rapha 24th April 6:45am
  • @felipepiresdias Hi Felipe, sorry to hear of your backpack issues. Please email enquiries@rapha.cc and we will look into it. rapha 24th April 6:43am
  • A while ago we did a Transit Sweater with our friends @Apolis - they revisited with @styledotcom & @RaphaCycleClub : http://t.co/yuf23tQaaN rapha_n_america 23rd April 6:11pm
  • RT @taogeoghegan: First month of racing 2014 - http://t.co/9zjZaLq80j rapha 23rd April 5:50pm


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